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About Rent a Coffin

The idea for Rent a Coffin was conceived one cold Halloween night, the moon was not yet full and only a small number of costumed partygoers were stalking the streets in search of sugary snacks. Our taxi hadn’t arrived to ferry us to our Halloween soiree and we were lost as how we were going to arrive.

“You have a van out back, don’t you?” A masked compadre asked me.

“It has one of our coffins in though that we are sending to a wholesaler on Monday.”

His face lit up, at least that is what I imagined, for all I could see was the plastic witches face he wore.

“Why doesn’t one of us arrive in the coffin? How badass would that be arriving to a Halloween party like that?”

The taxi was cancelled, the van was ignited, and Rent a Coffin was born.